Apples and Other Fruit

Why do apples taste better at our farm? Its our attention to detail. Because apples are our
business, we can provide the nurturing to grow hard to find "niche" apples like Golden
Russet, Crimson Crisp, Splendour and GoldRush,
as well as providing you with household favorites like
Fuji and Gala and classics like Golden Delicious. Plus, unlike large commercial
growers, who have to pick their apples early to allow for their ripening in trucks and boxes, we can give
attention to each individual apple, making sure it is picked at the perfect time.
So come share with us in the joy we call apples.

At the Apple Works we have over 50 varieties of apples plus our crisp sweet Asian Pears.
With that kind of variety, things can get pretty confusing. If you just want a quick overview
then pick a tested winner at our Apple Works Top 21. If you can't rest until
you have found the absolute best apple for each of your apple needs we set up our Pick the Perfect Apple
system with you in mind. Its one of the most comprehensive apple information systems available!


Every summer we clear out the barn to make room for fresh Indiana produce. From sweet corn
to sun ripened tomatoes we find the best of what Indiana farmers have to offer. Come out for
drip down your arm juicy peaches or aromatic Indiana melons. The Blackberries are grown right
here on our farm!

The Apple Works Orchard
8157 South 250 West Trafalgar, IN 46181
(317) 878-9317

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