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Here is a quick guide to our Top 21 apples
plus some of the standards of the industry
for your various kitchen needs. You can
find more in-depth information at our
Pick the Perfect Apple page.

Variety Flavor Pie Bake Sauce Eat Harvest Date
Pristine T G E E F Jul 17-22
Zestar! ST E G E E Aug 4-10
Ginger Gold ST E E E E Aug 12-18
Gala ST E G E E Aug 17-28
Swiss Gourmet ST E E E E Aug 18-30
Jonamac ST G F E E Sep 1-12
Honey Crisp ST E E E E Sep 8-12
Sweet 16 S G E E E Sep 8-16
Crimson Crisp TS E E E E Sep 15-25
Pixie Crunch ST E E E E Sep 15-30
Daybreak Fuji S G E E E Sep 15-21
Jonathan T E G F G Sep 15-25
Jonagold ST E E E E Sep 20-27
Red Del. S - - - E Sep 20-27
Yellow Del. S G E E E Sep 23-27
Melrose T E E G E Sep 25-30
Splendour S G E E E Oct 1-10
Suncrisp ST E E E E Oct 5-15
Braeburn ST E E G E Oct 7-14
Golden Russet TS - - - E Oct 7-14
Cameo ST - - - E Oct 15-20
Fuji S - - - E Oct 15-20
Virginia Gold ST E E E E Oct 15-20
St. Winesap T G E F G Oct 15-20
Goldrush T G G F E Oct 25-31
Pink Lady T/S E E E E Nov 9-13
S=Sweet, T=Tart, ST=Sweet/Tart, TS=Tart/Sweet
E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair

The Apple Works Top 21

Apple names in parentheses indicate the two
parent apples crossed to make the apple given.
The apples are listed in order of ripening date.

Pristine (Purdue/Rutgers/Illinois) is excellent quality for such an early summer apple, around the 20th of July, beautiful, smooth, pale yellow, thin skin. It stays firm for up to 6 weeks in the refrigerator. Tart in flavor it is an excellent sauce and pie apple.

Zestar! (Minnesota) has an inviting pinkish red blush over a cream background, ripening slightly before Gala, this apple has a very distinct flavor and texture. It has a sweet yet tart that does a little jig in your mouth. Best eating out of hand and salads.

Ginger Gold (chance seedling)is the harbinger of the Fall Season. This apple ripens to a pale clear gold on the tree around the 12th of August in our location. Delightfully crisp, clean and sweet-tart in flavor, this apple is best described as very refreshing. Not developed out of an apple breeding program, this apple was instead discovered as a chance seedling. It keeps well for at least two months.

Gala (Kidd’s Orange Pippin x Yellow Delicious) ripens just about the time the school bus begins to roll for the new school year, just in time for those lunch boxes. Sweet, yet with a slight hint of tartness, this apple appeals to a huge audience. Its iridescent pink/orange blush over a pale yellow background reminds one of a peach in appearance. It keeps up to five months in common refrigeration.

Swiss Gourmet (Ida Red x Golden Delicious) is a red blushed apple, slightly conic, crisp, pleasantly sweet/tart. This apple is one of Europe's most popular varieties. Swiss Gourmet ripens with, or just after, Gala.

Jonamac (Jonathan x MacIntosh) is a large, oblate apple with a purple/red blush over a pale green background. This variety really appeals to the New England crowd who love their Macs. It is intensely "appley" with a very white, fine grained aromatic flesh that is best described as sweet tart. It is our absolute favorite apple in our kitchen for pies, sauce and apple butter. Jonamac ripens around Labor Day and keeps two months in the cooler.

Honey Crisp (Macoun x Honey Gold) is the most recent variety to be added to our orchard and is rapidly winning the hearts of customers. It is a large orange/red striped apple over a yellow background. This dynamite apple can be described as explosively crisp, sweet-tart, and is the juiciest apple you will ever sink your teeth into; its memorable texture is attributed to its very large cell size. It was developed for its winter-hardiness at the University of Minnesota. Honeycrisp ripens right after Jonamac and keeps seven months in the cooler.

Sweet Sixteen (Minnesota Malinda x Northern Spy) has very complex and unique flavor, hints of tropical fruit and nuts, delicious. It is a medium large conic apple with red striping over green,firm, juicy, cream colored flesh.

Crimson Crisp (Purdue/Rutgers/Illinois) is a striking dark mahogany red apple with an equally striking tart taste and crisp texture. If you like Jonathan, you will love Crimson Crisp.

Pixie Crunch (Purdue/Rutgers/Illinois) is a dark red, medium small apple, unlike any apple you have ever tasted, yet with a wide appeal. it keeps for two months in the refrigerator.

Daybreak Fuji (Pennsylvania Fuji Sport) is an early sport of Fuji that ripens 6 to 8 weeks before traditional Fuji. It is a large oblate pinkish red apple, sweet off the tree, providing early satisfaction to Fuji lovers.

Jonagold (Yellow Delicious x Jonathan) is a favorite variety developed at the New York Agricultural Experimental Station, released in 1968. This large, attractive apple, superior in flavor and juiciness to its parents, has a huge following. A red blushed apple over a cream background, this sub acid apple lends itself a variety of uses as well as eating out of hand. Best used within two months.

Melrose (Ohio Jonathan x Red Delicious) is medium tart with exceptional flavor, juiciness, and crispness, excellent storage, if you like Jonathon you will love Melrose. It is a large, red blocky apple.

Splendour (New Zealand Chance Seedling) is richly perfumed, sweet flavor, favored by those preferring little acid, early alternative for Fuji followers. A large, pinkish red apple with occasional russeting.

Suncrisp (Golden Delicious x Cox x Cortland) is yellow, tender skinned, and very crisp. This variety is pleasantly but not overwhelming tart, sweet enough to appeal to a wide audience. Suncrisp ripens the second week of October, it keeps up to 4 months.

Golden Russet (England, 18th Century) never judge an apple by its cover! One of our most flavorful varieties, tart off the tree, entertainingly coarse textured, it sweetens on storage. Good keeper. It has a fully russeted skin, bronze to green undertones.

Cameo (chance seedling) conic, looks like delicious, bright red stripes over cream, very crisp, sweet tart and very aromatic. Ripening the third week of October, this apple easily keeps until Spring.

Fuji (Ralls Janet x Red Delicious) is a late, sweet, crisp apple. This variety stays crisp eight months in common refrigeration and is still wonderful when we run out of it in March. Its keeping ability is attributed to its naturally low ethylene production. Fuji was developed in Japan, where apples are bred strictly for flavor (just ask the folks that have to prune them!) It has a wonderfully complex sweetness with complimentary tart undertones that mellow in storage. Red blushed over a green background, this apple ripens around the 20th of October.

Virginia Gold (Golden Delicious x Abermarle Pippin) crisp, juicy, mildly subacid, refreshing apple. well balanced flavor develops on storage, very firm, excellent winter apple. It is smooth, pristine yellow apple with waxy skin.

Goldrush (Golden Delicious cross) is a yellow gold, freckled apple that has won the hearts of customers who prefer a tangy kick to their apple. Developed at Purdue University for disease resistance, this apple has a complex heritage that includes crabapple and golden delicious, whose distinct sweet flavor balances out the refreshing tartness of this apple. An excellent keeper, Goldrush stays for 10 months in common refrigeration. It is all-purpose and makes a fantastic addition to cider. In storage, unlike other apples, it maintains an excellent balance of acids and sugars. Goldrush ripens with Fuji.

Pink Lady (Australia Lady Williams x Golden Delicious) is a stunning pink red apple with a zesty tart/sweet flavor, that keeps 4 months in the refrigerator.

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