HOW MUCH IS ADMISSION? There is no admission fee.

DO YOU HAVE AN ATM? The nearest ATMs are in Trafalgar and Nineveh, 5 minutes away.

CAN WE BRING PETS? Pets are allowed in the garden areas as long as you clean up after them, but not in the retail barn or orchard due to health code.


WHEN ARE THE HONEY CRISP APPLES READY? Around Labor Day, give or take a week.

WHAT ARE YOUR HOURS? (1)Spring and Summer 9am to 6pm daily; (2)September and October 9am to 7pm daily; (3)November and December 9am to 6pm daily, closed between the holidays; (4)After the holidays, if we still have our high quality apples, we are open during the winter on Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm. Please check website for specifics.

DO YOU HAVE U-PICK? Yes, we have U-pick pumpkins. We only supply blackberries and apples pre-picked, so that we can guarantee quality.

DO YOU HAVE WEDDINGS? Yes, except for September and October, due to the crowds.

DO YOU HAVE GROUPS? Yes, we have churches, businesses, and youth groups.

ARE YOU HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE? We have worked hard to provide accessibility in a rural setting and consistently receive positive reviews from our customers; nonetheless, as in all farms there are slopes and some rough terrain.

MAY WE BRING OUR OWN FOOD & DRINK? Since we offer food at our site, no other food or drink is allowed.

WHAT IS IN YOUR CIDER? Just the juice squeezed from the apples. We add nothing else, no preservatives, no sugar, not even water.

DOES THE CIDER HAVE TO BE REFRIGERATED? Yes, refrigerate it when you get home. After that, it takes about two weeks for refrigerated cider to ferment. Fermented cider is not harmful to drink, but will definitely take on a vinegary taste.

DO YOU PASTEURIZE YOUR CIDER? We expose our cider in a thin film to intense UV light. For those looking to make homemade hard cider, our UV treated cider will still ferment.

ARE YOU ORGANIC? We utilize as many organic practices as possible; however, our wet springs are conducive to many fungal diseases that can only controlled by fungicides, which we use only when required by nature. We scout and trap for damaging insects such as codling moth( the classic worm in the apple), and target sprays only for those pests when they pose a significant economic loss, while conserving beneficial insects to the best of our ability.

HOW SHOULD I STORE MY APPLES? Always store apples in your refrigerator. Mist them with water occasionally or cover with a damp cloth.

HOW SHOULD I STORE MY PUMPKINS? Keep them dry and out of the heat; any surface that is moist will rot the pumpkin from the bottom up.

HOW CAN I APPLY FOR WORK? Please select 2022 Job Application Form.

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