Group Events. Detailed information on all our 65 varieties of apples! A full calendar of everything we do here at the Apple Works. Preserves, dressings, fudge and ice cream shoppes, even primitive furniture and garden decor, come check it out. Our greenhouse is bursting with color, take a look! All you need to plan your trip down to the Apple Works and enjoy the surrounding area.
All the information you need to plan a Field Trip to our orchard. We would be honored to host your wedding. Click here to learn about our packages. Games and pictures for parents and kids. Pictures and recipes for all our delectable varieties. A complete guide for pruning apple trees. Click here to learn the history of our orchard.

8157 South 250 West, Trafalgar, IN 46181
(317) 878-9317

Updated 21 Sep 2015

Monday Through Saturday 9am to 7pm
Sunday 10am to 7pm

***Schedule of Music and Events Below the Slideshow***

*U-Pick Pumpkins Begin Saturday 26 Sep*
+Wagon Rides to Pumpkin Patch on Weekends+

+18 Acres of U-Pick Pumpkins+

+New Indian Creek Drama Fractured Fairy Tale Corn Maze+


+New Children's Playground+
Cable Slide, Horizontal Cargo Net Crawl,
Large Chimes, Dark Tunnel Crawl

**Our Apples**

**Honey Crisp** **Explosively crisp and juicy, biting into this apple is an experience you will never forget**
All purpose**
**Gala** **Gala Apples are available as Somerset, Scarlet and Pacific with unique characteristics** **Sweet, yet with a lively kick, crisp firm and juicy, a favorite for eating out of hand,
Eating, baking, sauces, pies and salads**
**Swiss Gourmet** **Pleasantly sweet/tart, rich, one of Europe's most popular varieties,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**
**Jonamac** **similar to McIntosh, rich "appley" flavor, spiciness adds zest to salads, sauces, pies and apple butter,
Eating, sauces, pies, salads and butter**
**Jonathan** **a standard for a tart, all purpose apple, crisp and juicy, great pies and sauce, a classic apple, one of grandmother's favorites,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**
**JonaGold** **sweet apple with just enough acidity to appeal to a wide audience, excellent quality,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**
**Crimson Crisp** **striking tart taste,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**
**Sweet 16** **very complex and unique flavor, hints of tropical fruit and nuts, delicious,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**
**DayBreak Fuji** **sweet flavor of Fuji, but earlier 5 to 6 weeks,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**
**Bert's Special** **sweet/tart,
Eating, pies, baking and salads**

**Cortland** **tart and tangy, very juicy,
Eating, sauces, pies, baking and salads**

**Chojuro Pear** **sweet,
Eating and salads**

Variety Uses

Here is a quick guide to our Top 21 apples
plus some of the standards of the industry
for your various kitchen needs. You can
find more in-depth information at
Our Top 21 Apples page or
Pick the Perfect Apple page.

Variety Flavor Pie Bake Sauce Eat Harvest Date
Pristine T G E E F Jul 17-22
Zestar! ST E G E E Aug 4-10
Ginger Gold ST E E E E Aug 12-18
Gala ST E G E E Aug 17-28
Swiss Gourmet ST E E E E Aug 18-30
Jonamac ST G F E E Sep 1-12
Honey Crisp ST E E E E Sep 8-12
Sweet 16 S G E E E Sep 8-16
Crimson Crisp TS E E E E Sep 15-25
Pixie Crunch ST E E E E Sep 15-30
Daybreak Fuji S G E E E Sep 15-21
Jonathan T E G F G Sep 15-25
Jonagold ST E E E E Sep 20-27
Red Del. S - - - E Sep 20-27
Yellow Del. S G E E E Sep 23-27
Melrose T E E G E Sep 25-30
Splendour S G E E E Oct 1-10
Suncrisp ST E E E E Oct 5-15
Braeburn ST E E G E Oct 7-14
Golden Russet TS - - - E Oct 7-14
Cameo ST - - - E Oct 15-20
Fuji S - - - E Oct 15-20
Virginia Gold ST E E E E Oct 15-20
St. Winesap T G E F G Oct 15-20
Goldrush T G G F E Oct 25-31
Pink Lady T/S E E E E Nov 9-13

S=Sweet, T=Tart, ST=Sweet/Tart, TS=Tart/Sweet
E=Excellent, G=Good, F=Fair


*Dutch Apple Pie, Apple Dumplings, Dutch Apple Bars, Apple Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Pie*

*Double Crust Apple Pie****Thank You For Your Votes*
*** *

Welcome to The Apple Works

135 Acre Farm


++Our Animals Have Returned++

If you would like to download our brochure, and have highspeed internet and Adobe PDF,
Please selectAppleworks Brochure. You may have to use Scale to Fit in order to print.

No Admission Charges
U-Pick Pumpkins
No U-Pick Apples (Maybe Someday, If We Can Plant Enough Trees) General Field Trips Groups & Weddings


+Super Slide+
Fast, Dark, & Fun

+Baffling Bamboo Maze+
It's a Challenge to Solve


Two Days for Great Pumpkin Run 2015 -- October 10 and 11

Please select 2015 Great Pumpkin Run
Signup Begins Mid-March

Date 11:30 to 2:00 2:30 to 5:00

Sat&Sun 5&6 Sep

Dave Miller


Sat&Sun 12&13 Sep

Dave Miller

Davis and Devitt

Sat&Sun 19&20 Sep
Vendor Form

Highland Reign
+ Clan Desdin

Highland Reign
+ Clan Desdin

Sat&Sun 26&27 Sep

Dave Miller

Davis and Devitt

Sat 3 Oct

Dave Miller & Kevin
Acoustic Relief

Dave & Kevin
Acoustic Relief

Sun 4 Oct

Dave Miller & Kevin
Acoustic Relief

Dave & Kevin
Acoustic Relief

Sat&Sun 10&11 Oct

Dave Miller


Sat&Sun 17&18 Oct

Dave Miller

Tim Dooley & Angel

Sat&Sun 24&25 Oct

Dave Miller

Modern Day Miracle

Apple Works Express Will Return*

Conservation, Sustainability, and Biodiversity

The Apple Works has always invested significant amount of time and money in conservation,
sustainability, and biodiversity. Our goal at The Apple Works is to promote health
for our customers by producing healthy food in clean and healthy soil. We support
apple biodiversity with over 55 varieties of apples that ripen from July through November.
We disappoint gleaner organizations because we do not have produce for them:
apples with visual defects are utilized in our baked goods or cider.
We frequently reevaluate our agricultural practices and utilize sustainable practices
that build the soil, conserve water, and keep the air and water clean. From the beginning
we have invested large amounts of money and time restoring once eroded fields to
permanently planted orchard interspaced with carefully maintained grass; we have utilized
a disperse, slow and detain approach to control water runoff and water quality
and installed over 8 acres of retention ponds with balanced fish populations.
The Apple Works shreds brush and branches from pruning in the rows to regenerate the soil.
We closely monitor tree health, using carefully selected applications while not injuring
non-target organism and beneficials. We provide tours to all to experience the care
of nature that we practice. Finally, we partner with other Indiana growers who also
practice conservation and sustainability, always striving to obtain that produce that
we do not grow as close to home as possible.

We're glad you could join us.
Scroll down for a brief introduction to our orchard or
select one of the links above for more information.

You have reached the homepage for the Apple Works orchard, featuring over 50
varieties of apples, asian pears and beautiful pumpkins, squashes and gourds.
During the summer we carry local home-grown peaches, berries, melons, tomatoes,
green beans, onions, potatoes and sweet corn
when in season. We also have a barn
filled to the brim with exotic spreads, salsas, baking mixes, and our huge selection
of jams, jellies, dressings and fruit butters. We are located off of
County Road 250 W in Trafalgar IN, just a short drive away from
Indianapolis, historic Nashville and Brown County, the world famous
architecture of Columbus IN, and Bean Blossom,
the home of bluegrass legend Bill Monroe.

Stop on by our country store for a taste of our delectable
made-from-scratch baked goods fresh from our oven. We have old
favorites like Apple Dumplings, Apple Pies, Dutch Apple Bars, and Apple Bread
as well as special holiday desserts when in season. And don't forget, you
can make that pie ala mode at our Ice Cream Shoppe or sample some of our
homemade fudge.

We hope you plan to stay awhile when you come visit. Just outside
our barn is a picnic area where you can enjoy a cool cider slush and
the sounds of the waterfall across the pond. Our gazebo is a great place
for a quiet chat or family photos. Take the kids across the way to visit the
animals at the farm animal exhibit or take a ride through the orchard in one of our
tractor-drawn wagons.

When Spring is in bloom, our greenhouse is bursting with
flowers and our friendly staff will help you find exactly
what you need. We carry Indiana Mums in a wide variety of colors
all through the summer. We also offer Christmas trees and wreaths
after Thanksgiving as well as our beautiful Williamsburg fans.
No matter what the season we're always busy here on the farm!

So come on by the Apple Works. We'll have some cold cider
waiting for you when you arrive.
We have bushels of information at the links above,
or you can scroll down to
learn more about our orchard and its history.
Thanks for visiting!
-The Apple Works

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The Apple Works Orchard
8157 South 250 West Trafalgar, IN 46181
(317) 878-9317