Apple Works Mission Statement and History

The Apple Works is foremost dedicated to growing and providing high
quality apples as well as other fruit superior in taste and texture to
that available in the grocery store. Attending to details overlooked by
others in their orchards and picking at peak flavor, rather than allowing
apples to ripen in storage, allows us to provide you the best tasting apple
possible. We strive to provide our customers with quality and service they
can find nowhere else by offering samples, recipes and suggestions as well
as our Pick the Perfect Apple system and our Apple Works Top 21, which you
can view on our Apples Page.

The Apple Works began in 1989 when Rick and Sarah Brown began planting trees
on what is now the Southern quarter of the orchard. Just as today, each tree
was planted by hand with a shovel. In 1991 the trees bore their first crop.
Rick and Sarah put two refrigerators in the middle of the field and their
daughters, Alison and Maggie, would run from a picnic table by the road to
fill orders from passing cars. Two years later they added the first half of
the barn. The Apple Works was officially a business.

The Apple Works was founded with the goal of raising the absolute best apples
possible. Selling directly from our barn allows us to grow finicky varieties
that are either too fragile or too difficult to be grown by larger orchards.
Most people never get to experience the fresh zing of a summer apple like
Pristine, which comes off the tree in July. Swiss Gourmet, one of Europeís
top apples, is almost never found in America because it requires extra care
in our climate. Stellar, a tall, elegant apple that lives up to its name,
is easily bruised and must be handled delicately. Golden Russet, which
dates back to the early days of West Virginia, isnít grown commercially
because of its rusty appearance. However, folks are quickly won over by
its rich, cidery flavor and they learn to see the beauty in its warm bronze
patina. These days, even at small orchards it is rare to find over 60
varieties growing. However, with an appreciative audience, we are able
to add new ones each year.

The Brown County area has a long history of apple orchards. From the late
1870s, orchards were abundant here as the hilly terrain offered protection
against spring frosts and the climate made for a colorful, richly flavored
apple. Orchard owners like William Walden (who had an orchard that
stretched along the ridge of today's SR 135 from Nashville to Bean Blossom)
and Benjamin Douglas were prominent members of society. Mr. Douglas wrote for
the Saturday Evening Post and shipped his preserves across the country and even
to England. In those days, popular varieties included King David, Walden, and
Maiden Blush. In 1929, Dale Bessire, one of the top artists of the Nashville Artists
Colony and an apple grower himself, held the first blossom parade. While today
the parade features Redbuds and Dogwoods, in 1929 it featured Apple blossoms. The
event lasted a week and was advertised on radio stations as far away as Chicago.

Today the Apple Works continues this tradition, taking advantage of
the climate and soil of Southern Indiana, as well as the long history of
families who have made apples and apple orchards part of their lives.
We offer a remote, very rural location near the border of Johnson and Brown
Counties. Nestled on gently rolling hills dotted with ponds and pockets of woods,
our farm is a destination away from the fast pace of today and will hopefully
prove to be a relaxing, country experience for all. No matter what
the occasion, from field trips to birthday parties or just stopping by on
the way home, we hope to make a worthy memory for you at our farm.

The Apple Works Orchard
8157 South 250 West Trafalgar, IN 46181
(317) 878-9317

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