Pick the Perfect Apple

Well, this is it, our Pick the Perfect Apple system. You can peruse our
Top 5 baking, pie making, saucing, eating, salad, butter or uniquely flavored apples,
search for apples based on the apple season or view our Pick the Perfect Apple Index
where we have outlined every detail about apples we could think of to help you pick
the perfect apple for every occasion. Let us know if there is any way we can tweak our system
to help you better. Before you get started, here is some information to help you get the most
out of your apple eating experience. Enjoy.

Apple Tips

All apples continue to ripen on storage and become, sweeter, though proper refrigeration slows
this process. That means an apple is its most tart right off the tree. If a particular variety is
too tart for you, store it in the fridge for a couple weeks and then try it. A good keeping
apple will continue to develop a more complex flavor upon storage. Some apples, such as Fuji and
Goldrush, can be kept for 8 and 10 months, respectively. Apples keep best at temperatures around 32-34 degrees, which
is colder than most refrigerators are typically set. If you are going to be keeping your apples
for more than a week, it is a good idea to keep them hydrated by putting a damp sponge or cloth with them
in the plastic bag. Remember, moisture up, temperature down.

All apples have a balance between sweet and tart, but to varying degrees. A perfect example of a tart apple
is a Goldrush. It has a bite that makes some folks pucker, but it's still plenty sweet. A Fuji is a perfect
example of a sweet apple, especially a month after it has been picked. It has a complex flavor, but the tart elements
are subtle and they only enhance the sweetness, while an apple like Hudson's Golden gem has an almost sugary sweetness.
Also, its important to remember that everyone's taste buds are a little different and that
people taste different things in the same apple.

A lot of folks are surprised by just how different various apples can taste. A Turley Winesap has a subtle, rich aroma
similar to a glass of wine. Orin, a Japanese apple, has a hint of pineapple. People have detected chocolate, banana and even
coriander flavors in different apples! So come on by and try as many of our 50 varieties as you can. Pretty
soon you'll be an apple expert.

The Apple Works Top 5 Lists

Baking Pie (Firm) Pie (Tender)
Baking apples are those that are baked whole, as in dumplings. These apples have some tartness so that the flavor doesn't get lost and they hold their shape well. These apples are great for those of you that like the apples to hold their shape in a pie. We like to use a blend of apples for a more complex flavor. These apples fall apart as they bake and make for a wonderfully soft pie. You can also blend firm and tender apples together for a really unique homemade pie!
1. Stayman Winesap 1. Swiss Gourmet 1. Bert's Special
2. Swiss Gourmet 2. Melrose 2. Jonamac
3. Jonathon 3. Stayman Winesap 3. Cortland
4. Melrose 4. Jonalicious 4. Ida Red
5. Goldrush 5. Jonagold 5. Liberty
Eating (Sweet) Eating (Tart) Eating (Sweet Tart)
1. Fuji 1. Goldrush 1. Jonagold
2. Gala 2. Suncrisp 2. Honey Crisp
3. Golden Russet 3. Melrose 3. Cameo
4. Stellar 4. Swiss Gourmet 4. Splendour
5. Mollie's Delicious 5. Pristine 5. Mutsu
Butter Salad Sauce
These apples are chosen for their character and depth of flavor so that the apple taste shines through all the cooking and spices. Try using cider to sweeten instead of sugar! These are apples that have great fresh flavor and don't brown easily. We have indicated sweet, tart, and sweet/tart so you have a variety of flavor options. We have given recommendations here for sweet, sweet/tart, and tart depending on your preferences. Any apple with a red skin, can be cooked with the skin on for a pink apple sauce.
1. Jonamac 1. Fuji 1. Jonagold
2. Spigold 2. Goldrush 2. Cortland
3. Cortland 3. Red Delicious 3. Yellow Delicious
4. Jonathan 4. Jonamac 4. Ida Red
5. Liberty 5. Liberty 5. Jonamac
Uniquely Flavored Apples
Sweet Sixteen You can taste tropical fruit and nuts in this apple.
Golden Russet This apple's character comes from its rough appearance, coarsely textured flesh and internal sweet/tart tang.
Orin This Japanese apple has hints of pineapple.
Arkansas Black This beautifully dark skinned apple is very tannic like a dry wine.
Grimes Golden There is a delicate hint of coriander that gives this apple its tang.

Apples in their Season

Summer (Early July to Mid August) Early Fall (August to Early September) Mid Season Apples (Mid September through Early October) Late Fall Apples (End of October)
Summer apples are highly tart, with less storage capacity. They cook down quickly and are perfect for making applesauce. If you like sitting in a tree with a green apple and a salt shaker, this is your season! With the first Ginger Golds, the fall apple season begins. These are the first real "appley" flavored apples with more juiciness and crispness. This is when we pick the majority of our apples, including most of the popular Jonathon varieties. Picking season is in full swing! The cool fall afternoons of October are perfect for enjoying crisp ripe apples. These make the best keepers.
Yellow Transparent
Geneva Early
Vista Bella
"Late Lodi"
Red Free
Ginger Gold
Mollie's Delicious
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet)
Sweet Sixteen
Honey Crisp

Grimes Golden
Starking Delicious
Red Delicious
Golden Delicious
Blushing Golden

Hudson's Golden Gem
Virginia Gold
Golden Russet
Stayman Winesap
Turley Winesap
Ida Red
Clearwater Gold (CLRT)
Arkansas Black

The Apple Works "Pick the Perfect Apple" Index

Apple Origins Skin Flesh Picked Keeps until Flavor Uses Also Try
Arkansas Black 1870, Benton County Arkansas, surmised to be a seedling of Winesap Beautiful, dark red to almost black in color, smooth and waxy hard, firm flesh Oct 20-27 well into spring tannic, aromas of dry wine and hickory bark, mellows in storage eating, salads, cider Stayman Winesap, New Red Winesap, Turley Winesap
Ashmead's Kernel England 18th Century russeted yellow gold crisp, firm, juicy Sep 20-26 Oct Tart eating, cider Golden Russet
Chojuro Pear Asia bronze russet skin crisp, juicy Sep 1-30 through Feb sweet eating, salads Hudson's Golden Gem, Splendour, Golden Russet, Korean Giant
Bert's Special C&O Nursery red blush over cream crisp, firm, juicy Sep 13-28 3 months sweet/tart eating, baking pies, salads Jonagold, Melrose, Swiss Gourmet
Blondee chance seedling from Portsmouth Ohio smooth yellow crisp, firm, juicy Aug 11-17 mid-Oct sweet eating, baking pies, salads Gala, Melrose, Jonagold
BlushingGolden chance seedling from Jonesboro Illinois pristine yellow, sometimes with bright red speckles crisp, firm, juicy Oct 7-26 until Christmas Richly tart/sweet excellent pies, eating, baking, salads GoldRush, Braeburn, Pink Lady
Braeburn chance seedling from New Zealand orange/red blush over pale green skin crisp, firm, juicy Oct 7-14 through Feb Richly sweet/tart, very crisp and juicy eating, baking, pies, salads, sauces Jonalicious, Melrose, Swiss Gourmet
Cameo chance seedling discovered by Darrell Caudle, WA conic, looks like delicious, bright red stripes over cream very crisp Oct 15-20 until Spring sweet tart, very aromatic, wonderful keeper eating, salads Braeburn, Fuji
Chieftain Jonathon x R. Delicious pretty, bright red, blocky apple crisp, cream colored flesh Sep 28-Oct 2 until Christmas medium sweet, crisp apple, richer and more complex than delicious, one of its parents eating, baking, salads Melrose, Red Delicious
Cortland 1898 NY Ag Exp: McIntosh x Ben Davis large, squat, red apple with thin skin and yellow striping snow white, slow to brown Sep 10-15 until Christmas tart and tangy, very juicy eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads Jonamac, Jonathon, Liberty, Ida Red
Crimson Crisp PRI breeding program dark mahogany red crisp, firm, juicy Sep 15-25 through Oct striking tart taste eating, baking pies, sauces, salads Jonathan, Jonalicious, Braeburn
Daybreak Fuji early sport of Fuji large oblate pinkish red crisp, clean flesh Sep 15-21 thru Oct sweet flavor of Fuji, but earlier 5 to 6 weeks eating, baking, pies, sauces, salads Fuji
Apple Origins Skin Flesh Picked Keeps until Flavor Uses Also Try
Earligold USPP#4820 smooth, yellow/green crisp for a summer apple July 25-Aug 10 Late Aug/Early Sep pleasantly tart and refreshing, oft compared to Granny Smith eating, sauce, pies, salad Pristine, Ginger Gold, Swiss Gourmet
Empire 1966 NY Ag Ex: McIntosh x Red Delicious 85% mahogany red over cream somewhat aromatic, firm Sep 15-20 through Thanksgiving often somewhat tart off tree, mellows on storage, similar to Liberty in appearance but milder in flavor eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads Liberty, Red Delicious
Fuji Japan 1962: Ralls Janet x Red Delicious orange red flush over greenish yellow skin crisp, clean flesh Oct 15-20 spring sweet off the tree, growing sweeter and richer in storage, keeps crisp and juicy up to 8 months eating, salads Splendour, Braeburn
Gala 1960 Greytown, New Zealand: Kidd's Orange x Golden Delicious medium to small with eye-catching red/orange glow of a peach crisp and juicy, breaking Aug 17-28 through winter sweet, yet with a lively kick, crisp firm and juicy, a favorite for eating out of hand eating, pies, baking, sauces, salads Fuji, Jonagold
Geneva Early 1982 NY Ag Ex: Quinte x July Red large, cherry red over cream tender, aromatic flesh July 5-20 month after harvest piquant, aromatic excellent for sauces and pies Yellow Transparent, Lodi
Ginger Gold chance seedling pretty, thin, pale yellow invitingly crisp and very juicy Aug 12-18 early Oct. sweet tart and spicy, very crisp, harbinger of fall season eating, baking, sauces, pies, salads Swiss Gourmet, Honey Crisp, Jonalicious
Golden (Yellow) Delicious discovered 1914 WV flecked yellow skin non-browning flesh Sep 23-27 through Feb long a sweet favorite, versatile apple, stays chunky when cooked, parent in numerous cross breedings eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads,freezing slices, drying Jonagold, Brock, Mutsu
Golden Russet England, 18th Century fully russeted skin, bronze to green undertones incredible course and breaking flesh Oct 7-14 through January never judge an apple by its cover! perhaps our most flavorful variety, sweet, yet with acids, asian pear like except tarter, sweetens on storage, some prefer this apple in December because it keeps so well eating Hudson's Golden Gem, Stellar
Gold Rush 1992 Purdue (PRI), Golden Delicious cross greenish yellow, often blushed, russeted breaking and crisp, very juicy Oct 25-31 keeps into Spring lively flavor, tart off the tree, becomes sweeter upon storage while maintaining sprightliness and crunch all-purpose Swiss Gourmet, Jonalicious, Braeburn

Apple Origins Skin Flesh Picked Keeps until Flavor Uses Also Try
Grimes Golden Discovered around 1800, WV distinctive golden apple freckled with large white lenticels similar to Yellow Delicious Sep 13-17 through Christmas an old classic, spicy sweet and aromatic with a hint of coriander, wonderful addition to cider eating, sauce, pies, salads, apple butter Yellow Delicious, Mutsu, Jonagold
Hawkeye disc. in Iowa 1800's red over cream bkd the original Red Delicious mid-September through Christmas this is the original Red Delicious, fans swear by its distinct flavor eating, salads Red Delicious, Cameo, Cheiftan
Honey Crisp U. Minnesota: Macoun x Honey Gold thin, unobtrusive skin, striped red over yellow large cell size makes for wonderful texture & juiciness Sep 8-12 through Feb explosively crisp and juicy, biting into this apple is an experience you will never forget all purpose Jonagold, Stellar, Melrose
Hudson's Golden Gem chance seedling, OR, 1931 large, concial, fully russted, often mistaken for a pear crisp flesh Oct 4-6 up to January sugary, crisp and juicy, makes a wonderful dessert apple eating, baking, salads Orin, Splendour, Fuji
Ida Red 1942, Idaho: Jonathon x Wagener large, round, cherry red apple, thick skin tender white flesh Oct 2-6 through Feb tangy and juicy, one of best for pies, pretty pink sauce if cooked with skins on eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads Jonamac, Liberty, Melrose
Jonagold 1968 NY Ag Ex: Golden Delicious x Jonathon large, attracitve apple, bright orange-red blush over cream extremely inviting, very juicy Sep 20-27 through Christmas sweet apple with just enough acidity to appeal to a wide audience, excellent quality eating, sauces, pies, baking, salads Brock, Mutsu, Gala
Jonagored sport of Jonagold, Morrens Orchard, Belgium full red inviting and juicy Sep 17-20 through Christmas similar to Jonagold but more tart eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads Mutsu, Gala, Brock
Jonalicious Red Delicious x Jonathon (assumed but not documented) beautiful, cherry red apple very firm flesh, long keeping Sep 8-15 mid March richly tart and crisp, sweetens on storage eating, pies, baking, salads Melrose, Braeburn, Swiss Gourmet, Gold Rush
Jonamac 1972 NY Ag Ex: Jonathon x McIntosh thin, 2/3 plum red over green very white flesh, fine grained Sep 1-12 early Nov similar to McIntosh, rich "appley" flavor, spiciness adds zest to salads, sauce, pies and apple butter eating, sauce, pies, salads, butter Jonathon, Liberty, Melrose
Jonathan seedling of E. Spitzenberg deep, intense red crisp off tree, enjoy within 6 weeks of harvest Sep 15-25 two months a standard for a tart, all purpose apple, crisp and juicy, great pies and sauce, a classic apple, one of grandmother's favorites eating, pies, baking, salads Jonamac, Jonalicious, Swiss Gourmet, Melrose
King David late 19th century dark red, often with small black spots crisp, firm, juicy Sep 8-14 thru Oct Richly tart/sweet, very crisp and juicy eating, baking, pies, salads Arkansas Black, NuRed Winesap

Apple Origins Skin Flesh Picked Keeps until Flavor Uses Also Try
Korean Giant Pear Korea bronze, russeted crisp, firm, juicy Oct 12-21 through Feb very sweet eating, salads Chojuro Asian Pear, Hudson's Golden Gem
Kumeu Crimson Braeburn sport from New Zealand redder than original Braeburn crisp, firm, juicy Sep 23-Oct 11 through Feb Richly tart/sweet, very crisp and juicy eating, baking, pies, salads Jonalicious, Melrose, Swiss Gourmet
Late Lodi limb sport of Strawberry Chenango from The Apple Works large, smooth, yellow/green light and tender flesh July 23-Aug 7 keeps one month tart and similar to a Lodi but superior excellent for sauce fresh or frozen, pies Lodi, Yellow Transparent
Liberty 1978 NY Ag Ex: McIntosh x Red Delicious medium to small dark red apple with a touch of pale yellow striping crisp and juicy Sep 15-25 keeps 3 months piquant off the tree but becomes very rich and complex on storage, wine like, rich flavor, crisp juicy and cider-like, very disease resistant, one of the best for apple butter eating, sauce, pies, baking, caramel apples, apple butter Jonamac, Melrose
Lodi New York Montgomery x Yellow Transparent similar to Yellow Transparent but thicker light and tender flesh July 5-15 keeps one month tart, similar to Yellow Transparent excellent for sauce fresh or frozen, pies Late Lodi, Yellow Transparent
Melrose 1944 Ohio Ag Ex: Jonathon x Red Del. large, red blocky apple very juicy, Sep 25-30 keeps five months medium tart with exceptional flavor, juiciness, and crispness, excellent storage, if you like Jonathon you will love Melrose eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads, cider Jonathon, Jonalicious, Jonamac, Swiss Gourmet
Mollie's Delicious 1966 NY Ag Ex: G. Delicious x Red Gravenstein beautiful, large apple with a 60% red blush over pale cream, distinctive conic shape crisp and juicy Aug 18-Sep 8 5 months sweet, mild apple. preferred by those who don't like acidity/tartness, good off the tree, great after a month in storage eating, pies, salads Fuji, Red Delicious
Monark Arkansas large, somewhat flat in shape, 90% red crisp flesh for an early apple July 12-17 keeps 6 weeks excellent eating quality for a summer apple, very tart and crisp off tree eating, sauce, pies Pristine, Vista Bella
Mutsu 1948 Japan: G. Delicious x Indo large, round to oblate, green when picked, turns yellow upon storage crisp, breaking, juicy, non-browning flesh Sep 30-Oct 4 keeps 5 months slightly tarter than G. Delicious with more complex flavor, slight hint of anise, sweetens on storage, great sauce eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads, freezing slices Ginger Gold, Freyberg
New Red Winesap (Old Fashioned Winesap) 19th Century medium sized, oblate apple, deep red with cream accents crisp white flesh early October keeps through January retains the characteristic "winesap" flavor but also has similarities to Arkansas black. All purpose Stayman\Turley Winesap, Arkansas Black
Apple Origins Skin Flesh Picked Keeps until Flavor Uses Also Try
Nittany Penn State York Imperial attractive red crisp, firm, juicy Oct 1-19 until Christmas unique with hints of subtle chocolate and nut eating, baking, pies, salads Fuji, Cameo
Pink Lady Western Australia Lady Williams x Golden Delicious pink red crisp, firm, juicy Nov 9-13 February zesty tart/sweet eating, baking, pies, salads, sauces GoldRush
Pixie Crunch PRI program dark red medium small crisp, firm, juicy Sep 15-30 November unique sweet/tart eating, baking, pies, salads, sauces Melrose, Jonagold
Priscilla Purdue: Bred from Red Del. for disease resistance medium sized apple with 65%red blush over cream skin perfumed, very fine grained Aug 22-30 keeps one month best soon after picking, aromatic, floral and sweet like Red Del, one of its parents eating, sauce, pies, cider Red Delicious, Fuji
Pristine Purdue PRI, disease resistant beautiful, smooth, pale yellow, often blushed, thin skin very crisp for summer July 17-22 end of August moderately acidic, tart and juicy, first good keeping summer apple, baking,flavorful sauces, pies Ginger Gold, Early Gold
Red Delicious 1870 Peru, IA red, striped skin, long conical shape white and crisp, very juicy Sep 20-27 up to Christmas an old favorite, distinctive sweet flavor, we grow Red Chief strain eating Splendour, Priscilla, Fuji
Red Free 1980 Purdue PRI Program 60%red over light green skin mild Aug 5-15 keeps one month akin to Jonathan but ripens 7 weeks earlier, good sweet/tart balance, excellent for home grower for scab resistance eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads Jonathan
Sansa Japan gala x akane red over cream crisp, firm, juicy Aug 9-15 thru Aug Richly tart/sweet, very crisp and juicy eating, baking, pies, salads Gala
Splendour chance seedling, New Zealand large, pinkish red apple with occasional russet juicy, aromatic Oct 1-10 through Feb richly perfumed, sweet flavor, favored by those preferring little acid, early alternative for Fuji followers eating, salads, pies, baking, sauces Fuji, Orin, Hudson's Golden Gem
Spigold NY Ag Ex: Northern Spy x G. Delicious thin skin, very large, light green apple, often with red blush crisp, exceedingly juicy yellow flesh Sep 18-25 keeps four months marries tartness of Spy with sweetness of Golden for a taste superior to either parent, very rich flavor eating, sauce, butter, pies, baking Jonagold, Brock, Melrose, Jonalicious
Stayman Winesap 1866 Leavenworth, KN: seedling of Winesap dull dark red over greenish bkd, large and short, very round whitish green flesh Oct 15-20 through Jan tart, crisp and juicy with wine-like flavor eating,salads, pies, baking Melrose, Turley Winesap, Arkansas Black, Jonalicious

Apple Origins Skin Flesh Picked Keeps until Flavor Uses Also Try
Suncrisp NJ: G. Del x Cox x Cortland yellow, thin skin very crisp October 5-15 keeps 4 months pleasantly but not overwhelmingly tart, sweet enough to appeal to wide audience eating, pies, cider, sauces, baking Goldrush, Swiss Gourment, Jonalicious, Melrose
Sweet Sixteen 1978 U. Minn: Malinda x Northern Spy medium large conic apple with red striping over green firm, juicy, cream colored flesh Sep 8-16 lasts 6 weeks to two months very complex and unique flavor, hints of tropical fruit and nuts, delicious eating, sauce, pies, baking, salads Orin
Swiss Gourmet (Arlet) Switzerland: Ida Red x G. Del. red blushed apple, slightly conic crisp Aug 18-30 thru Sep pleasantly sweet/tart, rich, one of Europe's most popular varieties, Jonathon alternative eating, sauces, pies, baking, salads Jonathon, Jonagold
Turley Winesap Tuttle's Orchard: Greenfield, IN red/purple striped over green, oblate dull dark red over greenish bkd, large and short, very round Mid-October keeps 5 months makes an excellent cooking apple, Hoosiers are sentimental over it all purpose Stayman Winesap, Old Fashioned Winesap, Ida Red
Virginia Gold Golden Del. x Abermarle Pippin smooth, pristine yellow with waxy skin very clean, juicy flesh Oct 15-20 February crisp, juicy, mildly subacid, refreshing apple. well balanced flavor develops on storage, very firm, excellent keeper eating, sauce, pies, fried apples, baking, salads Stellar
Vista Bella NY Ag Exp plum red over green skin breaking white flesh July 8- July 28 3 weeks richly cidery, reminiscent of a fall apple eating, sauce, pies Geneva Early, Monark
Zestar! Univ of Minnesota pinkish red blush over cream backgound crisp, juicy Aug 4-10 through Sep sweet yet tart that does a little jig in your mouth eating, baking, pies, sauces, salads Jonagold, Melrose

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