Its the Kid's Page!

This is the Apple Works Kids Space, a place for you to have FUN! We have lots
of things just for you at the Apple Works, like our new Hayground Playground and
Pumpkin House, both of which we built this year! Plus there are old faves like
our farm animals, and learning centers. At the bottom we have links to online games
for you to play with parents and friends. So sit back, relax and
surf the web Apple Works style.

The Farm Animals

This shows you how we built our barn for the farm animals.
First we made a frame from 2x4s.

Then we put a tin roof on the top and lay
rough cut lumber around the sides for the walls,
and by the end of the day we were pretty tired
but we thought the barn looked pretty good.

Now it is home to our sheep, right next door to
the peacocks. And we also have our wonderful goats.

Fall Events

We want to thank everyone who came out on the weekends this
Fall to ride the tractor back to the pumpkin patch. This year we also
had our first Moonlit Pumpkin Hunt where kids searched through the
hayground for candy and pumpkins, then carved them by kerosene lamp.
We got to see some COOL jack'o'lanterns.


The Apple Journal has games, pictures,
and even a place where you can send in your own apple pictures. Check it out!

The Washington Apples website has a
Coloring Book that you can print out at home! Get your crayons...

This page teaches you all about
how apples are good for your health, as well as other ways
you can stay healthy. It also has games and activities.

This site has lots of great ideas
for activities parents can do with their children
using apples. There are activities for art, math, and science.

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