Ready to get your garden going after this long winter? We'll have everything
you need starting April 13th including seeds, sets, bedding plants,
perennials, hanging baskets, and unique garden art. Old favorites are in abundance like
like Osteospermums, Bacopia and Million Bells.

As always we have our pot-on-the-spot service so bring in your containers and let us
do the dirty work. Make sure to get your Green Card at the opening! Once we punch all
the petals you get a free flat of annuals!

Once again, we've done some work around the greenhouses to brighten them up this year so come by and see us.
As always, our friendly staff will be on hand to offer planting advice and
answer any gardening questions you might have.

The Apple Works Orchard
8157 South 250 West Trafalgar, IN 46181
(317) 878-9317

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